Okay, Guys! The site is doing well everything including designs, is done. Now all I need is some ACTIVITY if you guys can do that for me, would be fantastic! (Might even earn something special)-Anyways am just saying guys most people believe if this site has some activity it will become a great site. And since am site owner I have to believe that too, and I do! But you guys are letting me down.. And So Be Good At Gfx-Syndicate!

Best Regards, Aloyasha


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The Site's Chat Box Has Been Added To The Forum Just Scroll All The Way Down! Anyways I Hope You Guys Are Having A Good Time At G.s!, And Be Active!

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Okay, so the site is having problems with it's design and stuff. Everything should be fix in a couple of hours.

Don't forget to still enjoy the forum!, Thanks everybody!

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The Site Is Currently Under Construction Because I Just Made It The Fun Will Begin As Soon As Am Done? Yeah, Probably.

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Ñêà÷àòü áåñïëàòíî ìóçûêó. Ïîëíûå àëüáîìû â MP3. Áåñïëàòíî.